Environmental sustainability has never been more important. 

Steel ducting, the old standard in HVAC design, no longer makes the cut. 

Steel ducts waste energy producing uncomfortable draughts and dead zones.

They're bad for the climate, indoors and out. 

And when it comes to design, steel ducts are a pain. They're noisy, unhygienic, and tough to work around.

So what’s the solution?

Even the most difficult indoor climate challenge can be solved with textile ducting. 

Textile ducts are lightweight, energy efficient, and easy to work into any HVAC design.   

Don’t believe us? 

Listen to what our customers have to say:

“One of textile ducting’s strong points is ease-of-installation, it only takes a day or two to set up. The Euro Air sales manager even showed me how to install it myself. Even I could manage it, and I don’t know anything about construction, it’s just that simple.”

Kyohei Takahashi Project Manager, Takashi Niwa Architects

Kyohei Takahashi, Project Manager, Takashi Niwa Architects.
“Textile ducts don’t collect water or condensation like GI systems, so Euro Air was perfect for preventing water leakage in our factories. It’s also much less expensive than GI ducting, and the installation was way simpler—it only took us 3-5 days to outfit the entire factory.”

Nguyen Dinh Vu Site Manager, Thang Tien Company

Nguyen Dinh Vu, Site Manager, Thang Tien Company.

Euro Air’s textile ducts are noise reducing, flame retardant and condensation free, providing:

• An optimal indoor climate free of draughts and dead zones

• Energy savings with lower system operating pressures

• Less stress on ceiling infrastructure with 70-80% savings on weight

• Faster, easier, and cheaper installation

• Modular designs with customisable colours, shapes and sizes

• A more hygienic, efficient and happier workplace with ducts that are easy to take down, clean and reinstall

From factories and offices all across Southeast Asia to Elon Musk’s SpaceX factory at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, textile ducts are fast becoming the smart choice for developers, architects and designers in search of future-proofed air distribution systems.

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